The Very Best Time To Go To Iceland

The most often asked question by our customers is all about the ideal time to see Iceland. It’s also the toughest question to answer.

Iceland is a special destination that provides excellent travel experience all-year-round. Regardless of when you journey landmannalaugar trekking won’t disappoint you.

Summer, obviously, is the hottest season but it has its own pros and cons. There are good reasons why it’s deemed large, the most crucial being warmer weather, extended daytime, cultural and arts festivals, green landscape and spacious highland streets paving access to explored and somewhat virgin sections of Iceland. The drawbacks are crowds of tourists, high prices and problems finding reasonably priced lodging in some specific locations.

Summers are short at Iceland and also the end of August feels like early autumn. Most excursions and adventure trips wind in mid-September. Back streets are shut from mid-October into mid-May. The costs fall and you will find fewer travelers so many areas aren’t as crowded. This is a superb time to enjoy stunning autumn colors although they are not the same as usual autumn shade series. Since Iceland doesn’t have plenty of trees, the color changes are for the most part from the bud, mosses and low shrubs. For the very best autumn foliage traveling on the east shore that has plenty of trees. Bring warm clothing and be ready for potential cold weather however you may get lucky and encounter summertime temperatures for a brief moment.

Iceland is located close the Arctic Circle, but because of the Gulf Stream, temperatures are cool in summer and quite mild in winter, warmer compared to, allow ‘s state, at New York. Mild Atlantic and cold Arctic air match over the Gulf Stream, driving rain and wind, causing overcast sky and regular shifts in weather. It’s not uncommon to experience four seasons in only one day. Iceland’s precipitation is greatest from mid-October to February and lowest in May and June with western and southern areas of the island getting the most rain.