Slavonia – A Golden Jewel Of Croatia

We live close to the season we weren’t actually utilized to going on holidays, but one year we chose to change this: we had any money but didn’t know just where to go. We formed a household meeting and started creating suggestions: the difficulty was that each one the destinations were near the sea, which wasn’t what we wanted because we had been ill by it. But, out of nowhere, our youngest daughter advised me that she’d seen a movie on tv presenting a nation which had good tourist chances for those that desired to go inline. Unfortunately, she couldn’t recall the name of the nation, the one thing she knew was that the name started with a “c”. We turn on our computer and shortly started to look for this mysterious destination. It took us lots of time, we’d nearly ceased, but at the end we discovered it we chose to spend our vacation in Croatia.

We’d determined to go to Slavonia since it was ideal for what we wanted: it was in line, had amazing enormous plantations and it normally looked quite promising. Following a hunt for lodging in Croatia, we discovered a village that looked so good: it wasn’t large, so we knew we’d have sufficient peace and quiet. However, the thing that left us totally sure about our decision was that the landscape: all of the homes in the village were wooden, there was a significant forest where we could go for a stroll, close to the village there was a river and there were still golden vines filled with corn and wheat, which seemed amazing.

On the Internet, when we had been looking for somewhere to stay, we found that an article that said that private Unterk├╝nfte in Kroatien (they intended apartments in Croatia) is a much better option than the usual hotel, at least for what we desired. But we soon discovered that these weren’t actually flats, these were really smaller homes available for lease, but we didn’t bother with this since it suited our needs perfectly.